Public Relations Yes, we live in a digital age. But a business underestimates at its peril the evergreen importance of traditional person-to-person PR – having someone to go out and champion you, credibly and with integrity, to the world. With a wealth of contacts across many industries, geographies and social spheres, as well as being well-versed in best (and worst!) practice, allow me to take care of your public relations for you.

Social Media Whether you like it or just don’t follow it, social media is now absolutely essential to any business’s communications and marketing. Done well, social media allows you to listen to and be heard by your customers in your true voice, creating loyalty and driving business. Done badly, it makes you stand out from the crowd for all the wrong reasons. I can ensure that only the former applies.

Brand Identity In a crowded marketplace, making your voice heard is only partly about what you say; how you say it is just as, if not more important. Creating a unique tone-of-voice for your brand, backed up by a thorough understanding of your motivations, ambitions and values, takes time and skill but will prove itself an invaluable asset. Let me help you to establish and embed what makes you, you.

Consultancy We all know the value of getting a second opinion before committing to action, and usually we have the perfect colleague or friend on hand to give it. But sometimes it’s worth going further and engaging someone detached from the project to – gently! – pull it apart at the seams, find the strengths and flaws you might have become blind to, and guide you on what to keep and what to rethink. That’s what consultancy is, and that’s what I can do.

Crisis Communications You wouldn’t think twice about insuring your business against fire, theft or disaster. But it’s harder to protect against a communications crisis, that unforeseen event – a bad review, a public spat or the actions of a disgruntled ex (or ex-employee) – which threatens to undo all your hard work. DON’T PANIC. There’s an art to crisis communications, and I have it. We’ll get through this together.

These are some, but by no means all, of the areas of expertise which I can apply to benefit you and your business. I’d be happy to talk without obligation about ways we might work together; drop me a line at